Richard Guenne

Artist / designer based in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

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Richard Guenne Artist / Designer from Rotterdam


With an irreprenhensible sense of aesthetic and uncompromising values, Richard Guenne creates pieces that portray the essence of being human. The Rotterdam-based artist strips visual and sound-based memories into their bare minimum in an attempt to capture the meaning of a moment. His work effortlessly manouvres today's ectic world by finding beauty and simplicity in forgotten details. Found materials are merged into uncomplicated and weightless designs that feel truly contemporaneous.


2019 - Final exposition HKU / Utrecht
2019 - Dutch Design Week / Under construction exposition / Eindhoven
2020 - Artist in residence program / foundation B.A.D. / Rotterdam
2020 - We are al guests / expostition / foundation B.A.D. Rotterdam
2021 - My Pandemic Year / short video screening / Worm Rotterdam

2021 - ....